Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cascade Canyon, Part II

Even with mama moose being wary of me the little family still got so close that I had a hard time focusing on them with my telephoto lens on!

Teewinot again, but this time with water in front so it's a completely different picture. Honest.

I don't know the exact difference between a glacier and a permanent snowfield. But it's still cool to see snow in August, no pun intended.

A small patch of Indian Paintbrush, still in the shade of the towering peaks.

Teewinot on the far right, with an unnamed peak to the left.

Waterfalls are inevitable when the melting snow has so far to drop to reach the creek.

Closer shot of Teewinot. The peaks are still so jagged and severe because they're a relatively young mountain range.

Cow parsnip, with one stalk artistically bent.

I'm not sure what kind of wildflower this bee was pollinating, but I appreciated him doing it when I had the right lens on.

At 10:00 I decided I needed to stop and head back. I'd only made it just past Teewinot, about halfway to the fork. So my pace could properly be described as "leisurely."

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