Monday, October 26, 2009

Guatemala Mission Trip, Oct. 23

Once more back to Gomera on Friday to finish that well. Sorry this is a few days late. We lost wireless internet at La Colonia Friday night, never had it on Saturday in Guatemala City and when I got home yesterday all I wanted to do was relax with my family.

Reduce, reuse and recycle was the theme here. We took the existing pump and Mark and Kent worked on splicing new wire for it.

Kirk went up to the existing cistern to make sure all its wiring still worked, which it fortunately seemed to.

Our already ample manpower was augmented by extra help from the villagers to get the pump connected and dropped down the hole.

And there was water again! Unfortunately, the sand that bogged down the original well already seemed to be plaguing us with the new one, too, as the pump ground and stalled repeatedly.

Wildlife sighting! David spotted a bird called a white-bellied chachalaca.

While we let the pump run to try and clear out some dirty water and hopefully unclog some sand, we headed 30 minutes to Champerico and the Pacific Ocean. Matt encountered some bigger waves than he's used to in Colorado.

Florentine, Hugo Jr. and Mark kicked back on the beach. After working in the sun for five days, I thought the shade of a nearby cantina sounded like a much better idea.

I always thought Antonio McDyess looked much bigger on TV... Seriously, this was one of four North American team jerseys I remember seeing along with an Atlanta Falcons Michael Vick, a Charlotte Hornets Larry Johnson and a Dallas Cowboys Roy Williams. Sadly, no "Colorado Rockies 2007 World Series Champs" paraphernalia like I'd hoped.

When we returned to Gomera it was evident that the pump had been running, so we capped it off and buried the ground wire.

Really, I could have just posted nothing but pictures of the local kids and this would be a good entry. Mark took this one.

While we finished up Gloria led the kids in some songs.

There was consternation over the pump's repeated stalling and grinding, but no good solutions. So we connected it to a gas-powered generator to give it some extra "oomph" and set it up to run overnight in the hopes it could muscle through whatever was ailing it.

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