Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guatemala Mission Trip, Oct. 22

Everything fell in place for me to bounce back today. Got nine hours of sleep, then we were stalled at the hotel waiting for some equipment so after breakfast I got to go back to bed for another couple of hours. That seemed to do the trick, because I was about 85% when we finally left and able to contribute to another productive day. God truly works in mysterious ways.
This little guy made the mistake of falling in one of the pits of drilling fluid. I moved him to some fresh water and it looked like he was going to pull through.

Three of us had developed hacking coughs, and it occurred to me that breathing diesel fumes all day probably wasn't helping. So I grabbed one of the bandannas I brought and actually, you know, used it.

Our doctor, Hugo Gomez, knew EXACTLY how to spend our lunch break.

There are a ton of dogs, most of them pretty skittish because they're not treated all that well. But this little guy was too young to be timid.

The only thing that attracts children in larger groups than a camera is candy. Put the two together...

The Azatlan women made Gloria a traditional outfit in appreciation, and each of the rest of us bags. We were quick to point out that the true praise belonged to God -- we were just his vehicles for this project.

Several older villagers commented that they were delighted that their grandchildren would get to enjoy our efforts for years to come.

Florentine got the honor of cutting the ceremonial ribbon.

Then they brought us out some McDonald's for a celebration meal, that had to have come from at least an hour away. You can see from the expression on my face how excited I was for a McNífica after my adventures yesterday.

There was a lot of living in a lot of the faces, none more so than this gentleman.

The hardest work is done. Tomorrow we finish up the well in Gomera, then start getting ready to come home.

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Orontes said...

Glad you are (were?) feeling better. McDonalds as a symbol of time and effort - wow. Either they or we live in the Twilight Zone, and I'm not sure which. Really enjoying this weeks blog.