Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hell's Hole Trail 2009

Despite the gloomy forecast, I thought the boy and I both needed to get outside today. So after a little online research I found some good reviews of a trail I'd never heard of before -- Hell's Hole in the Mount Evans Wilderness.
The trail started off along Chicago Creek, which was still running pretty well.
I have no idea why there was essentially a tepee framework along the trail.
The trail was beautiful -- lots of vegetation, with the aspens just starting to turn.
Not one, but TWO of those tepee frameworks. Although Zak thought the second made a good jail.
The sun fought a losing battle trying to burn through the cloud cover.
In fact, we got snowed on a bit. Ah, summer in the Rockies!

Some other hikers nicely offered to take a picture of the two of us.
This Gray Jay actually seemed to seek us out looking for food. Awfully remote place for begging behavior.

I just liked the varying contrast in this picture.

I kept telling him he was going to fall in if he kept trying to get that stick...
...but like a good higher primate, he found a tool to use.

He tempted fate again on a little log "bridge" over Chicago Creek. Notice his left foot not really stepping on anything. But once again, he remained dry.
This fire was still smoking quite a bit when we found out, though the geniuses who left it were nowhere to be seen. We broke it up so there weren't any hot spots and emptied our CamelBak on it.

We only got a mile in before turning around, but still spent 2 1/2 hours here. I need to come back sometime to actually get to the end!

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Orontes said...

Are the yellow leaves in the creek Aspen? I'm guessing they are. Sounds like either lot's of exploring or pretty hard slogging if you only made it a mile in.