Tuesday, June 23, 2009

McCullough Gulch, Part II

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Accompanied by a couple of chipmunks, I headed over to check out where the lake ended and creek began.
The view of the creek was admittedly more impressive a little farther back down the trail.
A steady rain began to fall right as I reached this black pond.
Did the weather have any more surprises? Hail, yes.
This is what happens to your trekking pole when you don't bring spare rubber feet or your baskets.
I think people actually drive vehicles over this bridge. I was reluctant to WALK across it.
The storm blew over right as I got back to the trailhead, with bright sun now reflecting dazzlingly off wet rock.
The storm was headed east, and so was I. But I gave it a nice head start.

I decided to get back home through Fairplay instead of retracing my route on I-70, which meant a stop at this Continental Divide overlook.

Was this the same storm off in the distance after I passed through Fairplay? No idea, but it looked impressive.

My drive took me past one of the more incongruous sights on 285 -- the Christ of the Rockies statue in Santa Maria.
And I got to see the new home of the Coney Island just outside Bailey. When we lived in Conifer this fine establishment was in Aspen Park, but I'd heard that it had been moved and refurbished. Still as popular as ever, though.

So the hike took just a little more than two hours to go about 5.6 miles roundtrip. The drive was a bit longer than I'd expected -- 180 miles roundtrip -- but still a beautiful way to spend a Sunday!

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