Sunday, October 5, 2008

Peak to Peak Highway (2008)

After living in Colorado for more than 11 years, we finally decided to take a fall foliage drive last weekend up the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway.

Growing up in the northeast as Danelle and I both did, "fall foliage" means an explosion of different colors to us. It was nice to actually see a little red amidst all the green and gold out here.

A small herd of black cattle provided striking contrast to the turning leaves.

The little monkeys needed regular stops to stretch their legs. But mercifully, nobody got carsick.

I don't imagine Nederland sees this much traffic too often.

Most of the vistas snuck up on us. We'd round a turn and all of a sudden there'd be a huge view -- often too quickly for Danelle to stop safely so we could take pictures.

Some of the textures and patterns were pretty hypnotic.

There was one spot that was obviously THE spot to take in the view, and for good reason.

Did I mention this was clearly THE spot?

It was a little weird to see some trees that had already dropped their leaves, some that were brilliant gold and some that were still green all in the same spot.

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