Thursday, August 10, 2017

LLELA: August 2017

Took some time on a relatively comfortable August morning to visit LLELA. I was surprised to find that this was apparently the first time I'd been there this year, which is hard to believe given its proximity, how much I enjoy hiking there, and the great wildlife I've seen on my visits. In another first, I decided to hike the Blackjack Trail.

American Bird Grasshopper, LLELA
Grasshoppers don't typically catch my attention unless they're big, which this fellow was.  The breeze was still and so was he, so he got his picture taken.  It was still relatively early, so the sun was low enough to provide some flattering light.

Great Blue Skimmer, LLELA
One thing I can always count on seeing and shooting at LLELA are dragonflies.  I believe this is my first Great Blue Skimmer.

Eastern Pondhawk, LLELA
This Eastern Pondhawk wouldn't face me, but was still fairly nicely posed on a leaf.  I like the detail in the shadow of its wing.

Butterfly, LLELA
Much of the trail is heavily shaded, which definitely helped from a temperature standpoint.  But the light was tricky.  I wanted to get a better shot of this extremely well-camouflaged butterfly than I did.

Ebony Jewelwing, LLELA
Yet another first for me -- an Ebony Jewelwing.  These beauties were fairly abundant around the wooden bridges that traversed the small creek that crisscrossed the trail.  Light again was tricky, and I'd like another chance of getting a crisper shot of one.  I did like catching its wings somewhat unfurled.

A short but rewarding visit!

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