Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hagerman NWR: December 2016, Part III

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As if snow geese and a sunrise weren't enough, I was able to catch some other fine specimens of Hagerman's wonderful wildlife on my visit to the refuge last Thursday.

Mallard, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
Ducks regularly confound me.  They tend to stay just outside of my shooting range, and if I'm fortunate enough to get close without them noticing they spook and fly at the slightest movement.  Somehow, I got close enough for a decent shot of this mallard drake.

Killdeer, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
Killdeer are another story.  I have much better luck with them.

Northern Pintail, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
Another duck that didn't take off as soon as I got within a hundred yards -- a northern pintail.

Turkey Vulture, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
This turkey vulture kept a wary eye on me, but didn't mind me approaching close enough for this shot.

Great Egret, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
This great egret was too busy hunting to pay much attention to me.  I'm sure the fact that I was across the water helped.

Mud Turtle, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
The warm weather last week must have gotten this fellow up and about.  I'm not sure what his plans were, but he seemed to be trying to cross Wildlife Drive.  He was close enough to the side of the road that I didn't feel the need to move him.

Great Blue Heron, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
Another bird that tends to generally not want me to get too close.  But like the egret, this great blue heron was a little more focused on finding something to eat.

Western Meadowlark, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
The area right around the visitor center is always a good place to spot meadowlarks.

Lesser Yellowlegs, Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge
Last bird of the day -- a lesser yellowlegs looking for food in what was really more of a large puddle than a small pond.

I spent about six hours on the refuge, which is probably the longest visit I've ever had there.  The extra time gave me a tremendous number of opportunities to see and shoot many beautiful things, which was the whole point of going!

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