Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pemberton Big Spring

About a year ago, I signed up for a NANPA Meetup at the Pemberton Big Spring. The forecast that day called for rain, but I decided to make the drive anyway in the hopes that the forecast was wrong.

It wasn't. It poured buckets, and only the two organizers I showed up. We around in for a bit and the rain did eventually stop.  But there had been so much rain that most of the area was flooded.   We did drive to a couple of other nearby spots just to shoot something, but didn't actually take any pictures here.

Yesterday another Meetup at the same location was planned, and I took advantage of the opportunity to get the shots I'd been waiting a year for.

Sunrise at Pemberton Big Spring
No rain this time.  Instead, abundant sunshine filtering through the trees.

Blanket Flower
And with the drier spring this year there were many more blooming wildflowers, including this Blanket Flower I was able to get with some nice backlight.

Pemberton Big Spring
There was enough moisture in the air to create some nice morning mist in a few spots, which always adds interest to an image when you can capture it.

Pemberton Big Spring
The location of the actual spring is marked by a giant oak tree.  I had to get pretty low to the ground and shoot up to try and give a sense for just how massive it is.  Maybe I should have stood next to the tree for scale.

Pemberton Big Spring
I enjoy seeing tree stumps enjoying a "second life" as fungus farms.

Texas Lantana
There were several nice patches of Texas Lantana in bloom.  With the sun getting higher in the sky, the light was beginning to get harsh.

Yellow Prairie Coneflower
I love the dew droplets on this Yellow Prairie Coneflower.

Winecups were probably the most abundant wildflower.  Some more backlighting provided a different perspective on this one.

Texas Thistle
I love being able to isolate wildflower blooms from their backgrounds.  Texas thistles grow tall enough to make this pretty easy.

Texas Thistle
Even before being in full bloom, the spikes of thistles make them pretty pleasing to my eye.

Pemberton Big Spring
I'm not well versed enough in fungus to know what any of them actually are.  But I do often find them interesting and photogenic when I see them.

Dickcissel at Pemberton Big Spring
I didn't have much luck with wildlife.  I did catch sight of a couple of Indigo Buntings, but wasn't able to get a picture of them.  This Dickcissel hiding in some vegetation was the only bird I actually captured.  But today was more about the scenery, and the scenery was gorgeous.  Even worth the one-year wait!

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