Sunday, December 27, 2015


The final day of our Rhine cruise saw us spend most of of our time in an area known as the "Colmar pocket" in central Alsace, France.   The region was held by the German Nineteenth Army late in World War II.

Predawn Fog, Breisach, Germany
We docked in Breisach overnight, and for some reason I was awake and up early.  When I saw the misty conditions, I immediately grabbed my camera and set up on the gangplank for this shot.

Misty Swans, Breisach, Germany
We spent our morning in the Black Forest, then returned to the boat for lunch.  The mist remained and a bevy of swans were swimming on the river.

Fall Foliage, Colmar, France
Taryn surprised us by asking if we could go on a World War II history tour in the afternoon.  When one of your kids asks to do something educational, you agree!  So I went with her as we drove around to various points of military significance.  I found the most interesting visuals at a comfort stop where a pair of sweet gum trees were still decked in their fall finery, one red ...

Fall Foliage, Colmar, France
... and one gold.

Fall Foliage, Colmar, France
Just as striking as the leaves were the fruit.  I especially liked how this one has somehow managed to loop up and over the twig from which it hung. 

Mont de Sigolsheim, France
The mist was back at the top of Mont de Sigolsheim, site of a fierce battle between German and American forces.

For a vacation where taking photos took a back seat to spending time with my family, I'm not unhappy with the shots I got.  And this last day provided opportunities that fell right in my wheelhouse, with a clear focus on the region's natural beauty.  I hope to come back some time at another time of year for a different perspective on this gorgeous area!

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