Thursday, August 20, 2015

Emerald Lake

I caught a glimpse of Emerald Lake last year on the drive back from my Hasley Pass hike. Ever since, I'd wanted to get back and spend some time there. This past Sunday, I did just that.

Minnows, Emerald Lake
One thing that's always served me well -- if a group of people all seem to be looking at something, stop and find out what it is.  This time it turned out to be thousands of minnows all gathered in a shallow section of the lake near shore.  I guess it was to take advantage of the warmer water and avoid predators.

Wildflowers, Emerald Lake
My late morning arrival meant that I was dealing with some harsh light.  Too bad, or this patch of various wildflowers would probably look much better.

Emerald Lake
The lake was playing host to two activities -- fishing, and just taking in its beauty.

Emerald Lake
The rocky western shore of the lake seems to see less foot traffic.  Walking paths were a little harder to pick out.  But the views from that side were worth the effort.

Emerald Lake
The light may have been severe, but the weather overall was perfect.  Warm and with just a gentle hint of a breeze.

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel, Emerald Lake
Like any place that attracts people, Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels could be found.  I love how they seem to hope for a handout without coming right out at actually begging for one.

Emerald Lake
I wanted to better capture the setting, so when I finished walking around the lake I drove a little farther up Forest Road 317 for an overview.  I was fortunate to find a spot with a little fireweed in the foreground to provide a splash of color.

Emerald Lake
One last view that seemed like a required shot, then I headed back to Crested Butte.  A beautiful spot I was glad to finally visit!

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