Friday, October 17, 2014

Chatfield State Park, October 2014

Photo outing Friday saw me stay really close to home -- just across Wadsworth to Chatfield State Park. I was hoping for birds -- owls, eagles, herons and such. But on a gorgeous Colorado fall day, there's no need for too specific of a wish list.  Just keep an open mind and open eyes, and the beauty will find you.

Chatfield State Park
The first unexpected opportunity came from a pair of hot air balloons.  Not what I was looking for, but exactly what I meant about beauty finding you.

Chatfield State Park
They seem to move slowly from a distance.  But when one glides right over you and you're shooting off a tripod, it does require pretty rapid recomposing.  I was happy to get some nice light as this one went by.

Chatfield State Park
I thought I was having a relaxing morning.  This guy looks like he had me beat.

Chatfield State Park
Nice low sunlight filtering through some turning trees.

Chatfield State Park
I notice trails a lot more when they and the trees around them are covered in autumn leaves.

Chatfield State Park
There was barely any breeze, so reflections off the water were lovely.

Northern Flicker, Chatfield State Park
I saw quite a few northern flickers, which I didn't necessarily expect.  They didn't typically let me get close enough for a great shot, which was completely expected.

Western Meadowlark, Chatfield State Park
I did get my first western meadowlark shot ever, which was nice.  They were also a little too skittish for me to get as close as I'd like.

American Coots, Chatfield State Park
A flotilla of American Coots were heading toward open water.  Leisurely, but purposefully.

Common Blanketflower, Chatfield State Park
Some common blanketflower were in bloom.  Sort of amazing for mid-October.  Like the season's final act.

Chatfield State Park
Seed pods still interest and impress me.  So much detail and beauty in something just intended as a vessel to give life to a new generation.

Red Squirrel, Chatfield State Park
My major wildlife sighting for the day.  This little fellow sat frozen while I took his portrait.  I did some bushwhacking for a bit looking in the trees near the reservoir for owls or eagles, but came up empty.  Still, I saw foliage, reflections, birds, mammals and flowers all in one outing.  It just took an open mind and open eyes!

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