Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Carbondale to Crested Butte

My time at Maroon Bells on Saturday morning was unforgettable. The scene was everything I'd hoped it would be. But there was still more fall foliage to be seen, and more pictures to be taken! So after a hearty breakfast at the Red Rock Diner in Carbondale, it was time to drive the western route to Crested Butte over McClure and Kebler Passes.

Crystal River
The sun was shining brightly, which meant I couldn't do a long exposure to get a silky effect from the rushing Crystal River.  But the view was still nice.

Hays Creek Falls
At Hays Creek Falls I did get that lacy effect I like so much.

Looking southwest toward Chair Mountain from a little pulloff.  A sign seemed to name the spot Placita.

Crystal River Valley from McClure Pass
Climbing McClure Pass I got a great view back down the Crystal River Valley, aided by some nice clouds.

Mount Sopris from McClure Pass
Mount Sopris as seen from the top of McClure Pass.  The aspens seemed just shy of peak color, but still lovely.

Colorado Fall Colors
Ruins in fields always invite photographs.  I'm not exactly sure what this structure was, so it doesn't really tell much of a story.

Paonia Reservoir
Not much boating going on in Paonia Reservoir.  As in, no boating at all.  The water level is way too low.  It seemed like a fairly wet summer, too.  Heavy irrigation use, perhaps?

Marcellina Mountain
I like how these aspens frame Marcellina Mountain.  They take some off the edge off of an otherwise severe-looking peak.

Aspen Grove on Kebler Pass
Dense aspen groves always seem to have a photograph in them.  But without a clear subject, I'm not sure this is it. :)

Horse Ranch Park
The view at Horse Ranch Park was terrific.  I love the splash of red mixed in with the yellow and green.

East Beckwith Mountain
I stretched my legs a little bit on the Kebler Wagon Trail, and found a nice view of East Beckwith Mountain with a reflective pond in the foreground.

Kebler Wagon Trail
I liked the colors and textures of this scene enough to sit and wait for a vapor trail from a jet plane to dissipate.  It's still actually somewhat visible, but diffuse enough at this point that it blends in with the clouds.

Mt. Crested Butte
I reached Crested Butte about 4:30, right as clouds were starting to get thick to the west.  After 14 hours of driving and shooting, I had just enough energy left to get out and take a shot of Mt. Crested Butte with a small herd of mule deer grazing in the foreground.

Really a terrific day.  And I think I had finally gorged myself on enough fall foliage this season. :)

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