Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chatfield State Park: October 2013 Sunrise

Because I apparently hate sleep, I decided to get up early this past Saturday morning and head over to Chatfield State Park to check out the sunrise. I thought Friday's wet conditions and the overnight freezing temperatures might result in some interesting views. I'm not sure if those were actually factors, but I did indeed see some pretty sights.

Chatfield Reservoir
 Frost combined with the blue hues before dawn to emphasize just how chilly it was.

Chatfield Reservoir
Looking west toward the foothills was equally as rewarding as facing the sunrise.

Chatfield Reservoir
Color filled the sky quickly, and was fleeting.

Chatfield Reservoir
And again, looking only towards the rising sun failed to capture the entire show.

Chatfield Reservoir
Getting a bit of alpenglow was just icing on the cake.

Chatfield Reservoir
As the color faded, contrast took its place to add a final touch of drama to the scene.  All before the sun had even broken the horizon.

Yeah, sleep is overrated. :)


Orontes said...

I love your pictures, and I love how self-effacing about your missed opportunities and errors. You've been blogging this stuff for so long, it feels like it might not even feel brave for you anymore, but thanks for your continued bravery in posting your work.

SteveHarbula said...

Thanks so much! I try to be honest about my experiences, good or bad, so people can better understand what it was like to actually be there. :)

Erica Prather said...

hi Steve! I was wondering if my lab mate and I could use your image of Chatfield Lake for a project we are doing for the Denver Audubon Society. Please let me know - ericaprather@gmail.com