Wednesday, October 3, 2012

South Platte Park: September 2012

I made a quick dash to South Platte Park one afternoon last month after about 14 hours of steady rain, hoping the unique conditions would result in a unique shot I could submit for consideration for the City of Littleton 2013 calendar.

I did see more Great Blue Herons than I ever had before.  Not sure if that was a coincidence or directly attributable to the wet weather.

The birds were surprisingly skittish.  I'd barely get to a distance where a goose or duck would even take notice of me, and they'd spook and fly off.  So I had to adjust my planned shooting distance a bit so as not to disturb them.  As a result, I didn't get any really tight shots.

Even when the rain had stopped the skies remained pretty overcast for a while.  Still, there was enough light to produce a nice reflection of some of the trees on the shore of Redtail Lake.

I hung out at the blind by Bufflehead Lake for a while but didn't see any birds.  Still, I thought the texture of the clouds, reflection in the water and changing foliage in the foreground made this a shot worth submitting.  It didn't end up being selected, but that didn't cause me to enjoy my time there on this soggy afternoon any less!

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