Sunday, October 28, 2012

South Platte Park: October 2012

I noticed that the light was good late Saturday afternoon, and having no other commitments decided to head over to the park and see what pictures were there to be taken.  Upon my arrival, a northern flicker greeted me from a tree right by the visitor center.

The still waters of this section of the South Platte provided a mirror-like reflection of the trees on the shore.

A group of mallard males alternated between swimming lazily around the river and getting into some flapping, squawking squabbles.  I assumed the one rising up out of the water and puffing out his chest afterwards was the winner ...

... and the one who went off to "lick his wounds" and have a scratch was the loser.

The Bufflehead Lake blind looked inviting in the warm glow just before sunset.  The lake itself, however, was already in deep shadows.

A small flotilla of coots patrolled Eaglewatch Lake

The setting sun didn't provide the rich array of colors it sometimes does, but still made for a pretty sight.

The not-quite full moon didn't look so bad, either.

I was only gone from my house for two hours, but in that time managed to get a nice heaping dose of the beautiful Colorado fall outdoors.  Sure beats flicking around the channels looking for something decent on TV!

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