Sunday, July 29, 2012

Booth Lake Marmots

In addition to a young badger, yesterday's Booth Lake hike provided another wildlife viewing first for me -- marmots!  Not just one, either -- two different groups of at least three each.

They weren't especially shy, so I just kept shooting.

We couldn't decide if they were begging for food, or just curious.  But they certainly weren't very scared of our group.

If anything, I was a little unsettled by them.  It almost seemed like they were trying to surround us in preparation for an ambush.

"Do you think he can see us?"

"Of course not!  We're cleverly hidden in these branches!"

This might be as close to a regal pose as a creature with the nickname "whistlepig" can muster.

They were really pretty enchanting, with their shrill chirps and waddling gaits.  This one kept getting closer ...

... and closer ...

... and then he showed me his charming teeth, like a furry little Austin Powers.

"Well, he can definitely see us now..."

I hope this wasn't the last time I run into these guys on a hike!

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