Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fishbone in Frisco

When you're unemployed, the words "free concert" sound really good. Frankly, the words "free concert" always sound good. They sound even better when they're coupled with great food like at the Colorado Barbecue Challenge.  And they sound best of all when the band playing is one of the finest on the planet, the incomparable Fishbone.

My friend, former colleague and fellow photographer Kevin Staunton mainly shoots concerts, and he knows I mainly shoot landscapes and wildlife.  He took his family to Great Sand Dunes National Park for the weekend and brought his camera along, and said he'd be disappointed if I didn't bring mine to the concert.

Smart fellow, that Kevin Staunton.  I should heed his advice more often.

Fishbone was scheduled to take the stage at 6:00, so I was carefully positioned at 5:45.  Not in front of the barrier since I can't even make the argument that this blog entitles me to media access.  But right up against it.

Two hours of live music have never gone by so fast.

Fishbone's Angelo Moore
Frontman Angelo Moore shares a laugh with a member of the crowd as the final preparations are made.

Jay Armant, Angelo and Dre Gipson are just Rub a Dub Soldiers.

The only founding members currently touring -- Angelo, "Dirty Walt" Kibby and John Norwood Fisher.


Dirty Walt and Norwood.

Fishbone's Angelo Moore
Angelo was somewhat constrained after some recent knee surgery, but still got out on the stacks a couple of times.  Guitarist Rocky George plays in the background.

Gipson had no such constraints, and took a trip into the mosh pit.

Dirty Walt.


Fishbone's Angelo Moore
Angelo looks dubious about something.

Norwood playing the funky bass.

Fishbone's Angelo Moore
Does anyone else think Angelo looks a bit like The Grinch?  Just me?

Dirty Walt.

Fishbone's Angelo Moore
Angelo hides behind an audience member's glasses, which he returned after the song.

The favorite instrument of Angelo's Dr. Madd Vibe persona is undoubtedly the theramin.

Fishbone's Angelo Moore
After more than 30 years, Angelo still brings it.  One of the best frontmen ever.

If you are at all a fan of the band or just enjoy music history, I highly recommend checking out the Everyday Sunshine documentary.  It explains a lot about where the band came from, how they ended up where they are today and why the mainstream success their counterparts like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and bands they influenced like No Doubt enjoyed never quite came Fishbone's way.

Fishbone definitely rocked the party!

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