Thursday, May 31, 2012

Signs of Colorado Gators

You don't need to see the actual animals from Colorado Gators Reptile Park to understand what the place is like. Just checking out some of the signs will tell you all you need to know.

If you find the following at all entertaining -- intentionally or otherwise -- I recommend paying the place a visit. If not, you might find another area attraction more to your liking.

Of all things, I didn't actually get a shot of the entrance off of Route 17.  Thanks to Cedar House Photography for bailing me out.

And not like roses.

Not sure how much legal protection this actually affords them.

How often do you think they change this?

I'm not familiar with the underlying science here.

There goes the whole "he's only sleeping" line I usually feed the kids in these situations.

You know what was not behind this sign?  Any rattlers.

Of all the things that should be obvious, I agree that alligators not making good pets ranks fairly high on the list.

I really had no idea what we were supposed to do with our goat after reading this.

Totally unnecessary sign.  Everyone knows that large piles of tires make perfect habitat for pickpockets and alligators.

I suspect the hunters are rather gamey.  *Knee slap*

Yes, that's the BioDome in the background.  Pauly Shore strikes again.

Prima donna would not sign autographs.

The rationale behind going with an Old English style for this sign is one of life's great mysteries.

Fortunately, there's wood and wire separating you from an alligator with the word "mangle" in his name.

Seriously, the place is worth a stop if only to appreciate the hard work the folks running it put in to making a working fish farm and wildlife rescue into a family attraction.  Just don't plan on getting rid of your goats.

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