Monday, April 16, 2012

Costa Rican Plants & Insects

This is admittedly a somewhat arbitrary grouping. But I didn't have enough images I really liked of either plants or insects to make up an entire blog post in and of themselves. So here you go. :)

A Caligo memnon, or Giant Owl, in La Paz Waterfall Gardens' butterfly observatory.

Some type of Swallowtail -- I'm not exactly sure which. La Paz had the cocoons for each species separated into their own little rows, which I imagine they spent a great deal of time scouring the observatory for and then gently moving to their distinct areas.

A Blue Morpho, with the backlighting through the glass on which he was perched revealing the pattern from the opposite side of his wings.

The morning sun shining through a large leaf. I was hoping to capture some interesting textures with this perspective, and came close to what I had in mind.

An unidentified flower on the La Paz grounds. I know frighteningly little about plants, and really need to get in the habit of writing down more details about the things I shoot so I can better identify them later.

A longhorn beetle, who I think I shot just in time. A maintenance vehicle drove through shortly after this and I believe sent him to a squishy end.

Raindrops form at the tips of the leaves on this fern outside our room at Peace Lodge. We had repeated evidence during our two-night stay here why the area was called a cloud forest.

Recently opened petals revealed the young fruit of a banana plant.

Leafcutter ants were always fascinating to watch wherever we came across them. Danelle took this terrific picture of some at Arenal Hanging Bridges.

Yet another unknown but striking plant. I liked the dichotomy of the vibrant flower and dead leaf.

A wild Giant Owl on the Poison Dart Frog Trail at Tortuga Lodge -- one of the few insects there that wasn't trying to drain my blood!

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