Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deer Creek Canyon Park

Saturday was a gorgeous Colorado fall day that demanded spending some time outside. After failing to convince either of the kids to go for a hike, I settled for Ginny and we did the brief 10-minute drive to Deer Creek Canyon Park.

I had never even been here until this past spring, when I did an after-work cardio hike with some of the Denver Trail Heads. It struck me as a little funny that I'd have such a beautiful spot so close to my house after all the times I've felt like I needed to drive for hours to get to someplace worthwhile.

I love how just as you're starting to get a little hot from being on the exposed Meadowlark Trail, you get to the cool shade of the tree-covered Plymouth Creek Trail.

I wasn't afraid of Ginny running off anywhere when we got to the summit of Bill Couch Mountain. She was pretty wiped out (note the lolling tongue). So her leash came off for her photo. :)

Great view from the top in pretty much every direction.

The best views came from the Golden Eagle Trail, the saddle between Red Mesa Loop and Bill Couch.

If anybody ever asks why I live in Colorado, I should have pictures like these in my wallet to show them.

Come to think of it, nobody ever asks that.

People usually think of aspens when they talk about fall colors in Colorado, but the Gambol Oak here provided a nice variety of color you don't often see out here.

We did the 6.3 miles and roughly 1,500 feet of elevation gain in 2:22, so a fairly brisk pace. And the best part was that it didn't require a bunch of planning, scheduling and a full tank of gas!

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