Thursday, June 5, 2008

Exploring Strange New Worlds

I saw a trailer recently for a new Star Trek film that's scheduled to come out in 2009. I was always more into Star Wars as a kid, but I do have a special memory of the second Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Khan.

I was 12 when the movie came out in the summer of 1982, and my buddies and I REALLY wanted to see it. So on a rainy Saturday somebody's mom dropped four of us off at the Cine 1-2-3-4-5-6 (yes, that's really what it said on the sign outside) behind Northway Mall to do just that.

We weren't the only ones who thought going to the movies was a good idea that day. There was a long line that stretched all the way outside the theater. But we didn't mind waiting in the rain for a while; getting to see a movie by ourselves was kind of a big deal at that age.

Eventually we got to the ticket window, visions of starships and phasers dancing in our heads. Velcro wallets were ripped open and allowance money was pulled out when suddenly tragedy struck.

That's right -- the movie was sold out.

We had to make a decision and make it fast. Finding a pay phone and calling someone to come pick us up wasn't an option. We came to see a movie, and that's what we were going to do. Quickly we scanned the other shows that were playing and made our choice.


I really have no idea what inspired us to pick that. Maybe it was the only thing that was starting soon. What I DO remember is four fairly traumatized 12-year-old boys walking out a couple of hours later, really not entirely sure what they'd just seen.

We eventually did get to see Khan, and it was everything we'd hoped it would be. But I don't think any of us were ever able to look at Julie Andrews the same way again.

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